Azienda Vinicola Malaspina

The vineyards


The vineyards in the area known as Dareri, by the town of Palizzi, are situated at an altitude of about 600 metres a.s.l.. They are exposed to significant variations in the weather. The excellent pedoclimatic conditions favour the production of high quality grapes, which are full of character.

The new plants in the areas known as Santucci and Ungì, by the town of Melito, are equally well-exposed and ventilated.

The grown varieties are Calabrese Nero, Nocera, Gaglioppo and Magliocco Dolce, while others are grown in lesser quantities.

I vigneti

The area is not penetrated by noises coming from the “civilized” world and the surrounding countryside is beautiful and wild. The rugged hills are divided into terraces overlooking the sea.

I vigneti

I nostri vigneti

The aim of the winery is to recuperate and protect the typical produce of the region, which is the result of secular traditions. It wants to actively participate in the development of the native grape varieties by producing high quality wines.